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100% Cotton and Cotton Synthetic Denim and Chino Pants for Men and Women available in both pre-cut
styles and custom order designs.






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BS Garments, formerly known as ASK Enterprises is a Pakistani company with years of experience developing and exporting textiles. The company has provided international brands with premium quality apparel, working with some of the biggest names in the global fashion and clothing industry. We uphold the most stringent international textile and garment export standards establishing long term relationships with our clients. As leading exporters in the textile industry and fore runners in the international textile market, we promise you nothing but the best in apparel. With a production capacity of over 50,000 garments per month and a daily wash capacity of 4000 garments a day, you can rest assured your export orders will arrive on time and will be made to your satisfaction.



We offer minimum orders of 4800 pieces of clothing. Take your pick from our trendy designs or connect
with us to place an order for custom designed apparel.


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Internationally Certified

 We uphold all required international trade and manufacture standards

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Our presence as industry leaders mean we promise nothing less than consistent and timely deliveries and order completion

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We promise nothing but first rate workmanship, attention to detail, top of the line materials and premium quality apparel

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