Years of Guaranteeing Consistency, Quality, Reliability and Overall Excellence!

Who We Are

A Homegrown, internationally certified, textile and garment manufacturer known for reliability, outstanding quality, premium workmanship, and honest dealings.


the company

BSG Garments Ltd. is a Pakistani company with years of experience developing and improving on textiles and providing customers with premium quality wholesale apparel. We specialize in both stylish in-house designs and client provided made to order styles of apparel. Our factories are equipped to handle wholesale manufacture of apparel catering to any order size and guaranteeing timely delivery and product consistency. Our certification testifies to the fact that we uphold the most stringent international textile and garment manufacture standards which has enabled us to gain the trust of clients we work with. As leading wholesalers in the textile industries and fore runners in the international textile market, we promise you nothing but the best in material and apparel.

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